Going Down Memory Lane 

This is the official fan site of The WhiteHaus Family Record. They are a group of artists that work together to document and record all their songs and performances. They also have a collection of their essays, texts, and spoken word poetry. We admire this group a lot because they are full of passion and creativity. The WhiteHaus Family Record lets us into their world and shares their vast talent with us. 

Like a true family, the artists that belong to The WhiteHaus Family Record all stay in one big house in Jamaica Plain, MA. Can you imagine what goes on inside that house? For sure it is bursting with energy, imagination, ingenuity, and excitement. With their numerous artists and the different genres of arts and music that they are involved in, it is no wonder that this group has made a mark in the entertainment industry. They have everything you need in one roof with all the talents that their artists have. They have talents that play different musical instruments, excel in hosting, live improvisations and spoken poetry, digital arts and other avenues of manipulation.  

If you are wondering who their artists are, check this out. The WhiteHaus Family Record boasts of such talents as Ambitious Tugboat, Anna Fox Rochinski, Avi Jacob, V. Law, Brian S. Ellis, Casey Rocheteau, The Cups, Con Tex, Dave Mudd, Debbie and the Bullets, Dinners, Fey Rey and Freedom Sound, Gangsta Love, Gracious Calamity, The Great Valley, Greg Mullen, Hay Gun, Hot Company, Illicism, Hurricanes of Love,  Kettle Stitches, and Knight Owls. Also joining this talented roster are Krab Tree, Lenora Symczak, Lyndsay Clark, Manners, Many Mansions, Michael Collins,  Morgan Shaker, the Needy Visions, Oh! Oh! Mints, Pancho The Kid, Peace Loving, The Points North, The Popsicles, Prince Rama, Rene, Shai Erlichman, Shane A. Myrbeck, Shira E., Streight Angular, Thunderheart, Time Solo, Truman Peyote, Turtle Ambulance, Welcome Home, Wolf Woolf, and The Woodrow Wilsons. 

Just in case you are living under the rock and do not know their works, here are some of their collections: The Woodrow Wilsons’ Devil Jonah (A Musical Recording), Chris North’s Love Dream (LP), Streight Angular’s Everything is Syncopated (Digital Album), Thunder Hearts’ Under Billy (CD), Gangsta Love’s Spiritual T hangz (Digital Album), Erich Haygun’s You Don’t Have To Stay Here But You Can’t Go Home (CD and Digital Album), Fey Rey and Freedom Sound’s Gestation (Digital Album), Michael Collin’s Violet Flame (Tape and Digital Album), Con Tex’s Everything in ConTex (Tape and Digital Album), Wolf Woolf’s Band Camp (Digital Album), Many Mansions’ Whales (EP), Brian S. Ellis’ No Hay Banda, Avi Jacob’s 1000, Shai Erlichman’s Season of Increasing Light, and Peace Loving: Six Kinds of Mystery at the Edge of Beach Forest; Terrible Fishgut Magic. With all the chills, the feels, and all there is to it, these are all the reasons why we support The WhiteHaus Family Record all the way from our garage doors in Mesa. 

Come and join us in enjoying the unique offering of The WhiteHaus Family Record. They may not be mainstream but they are oozing with talent and personality.