Truman Peyote: I get my inspiration from my experiences and from what I perceive to be happening in the daily lives of ordinary people. I try to look beyond the ordinary and think of reasons why they do what they do and everything else in between. I get inspired by the sound of the wind, the sound of people talking, the sound of the hammer against the wood, the sound of the engine of the car traveling to an unknown destination, and the sound of the sea waves rushing to the shore. 

Interviewer: You are a part of The WhiteHaus Family Record. How did that come about? 

Truman Peyote: I met some of my fellow artists in one gig and they invited me over to their place which apparently is also where they work on their collections. We started collaborating until I decided to stay with them at Jamaica Hill. That is how it all started. 

Interviewer: Speaking of that house in Jamaica Hill, how do things flow inside the house with all the artists in there? 

Truman Peyote: It is pretty cool actually being homies with all these talented artists. Many people are asking how we keep things together inside our humble house. We do our recordings in the hoot room or in the attic. All of us try to help each other out. We collaborate on album designs, throw creative ideas at each other, lend our musical talents, or just basically supporting each other’s endeavors. It is truly a home for artists to harness their creative skills and talents. 

Interviewer: You have a collaboration with fellow The WhiteHaus Family Record artist Many Mansions. Please invite our readers to buy your album. 

Truman Peyote: Please support my collaboration with Many Mansions. Our album is entitled Peaced Together so I hope you will check it out. Thank you for your support.