Catch the very first collection of songs and artistic renditions from 26 artists from The WhiteHaus Family Record. This much-awaited album features Blabber S. Ellis’ poetries entitled Blabber Heart, Blast of Atom Foam, and I Will Banish Luck, Greg Mullen’s The Hungry Ocean, Manners’ Look Into Look Unto, Morgan Shaker’s L.A. Knightz and Darkness, Gracious Calamity’s Becky’s on Vacation and Rabbit Rabbit, Casey Rocheteau’s Chiaroscuro and Pump Your Concrete , Truman Peyote’s Light Lightning, Greg Sun and Chris North’s Two Voices at the End of Winter, Anna Fox Rochinski’s S/T, April Ranger’s Like Canvas, Peace Loving’s Live, Prince Rama of Ayodhya’s Threshold Dances, Many Mansion’s Return to Source, The Woodrow Wilsons’ According to the Seasonal Tilt of the World, Kate Lee and the Opposites Attract’s Whatever Whatever, Avi Jacob’s Frolic-a-holic, Kettle Stitches’ Put Out the Lights and Cry, Michael Collins’ Holy Mountain Life Adventure Club, The Meadow Larks’ Gringos Split, Lindsay Clark’s Thistles, Shane Don and the Field of Light’s The Many and the One, Debbie and the Bullet’s Debbie, The Cups’ Sketchbook, and The Popsicles’ Stay a While. This collection is indeed a gem that will take you through different genres, techniques, and modes of music and the arts from the artists of The WhiteHaus Family. 

The WhiteHaus Family Record will also be showcasing their talents and perform songs from this album in Blastfest at the  YMCA Theater on July 21, 2018. The musical and sound arrangements will be engineered by The WhiteHaus Family Record’s very own, Shane Myrbeck. Catch this once in a lifetime event that features The WhiteHaus Family Record’s artists all under one roof doing what they do best in front of the audience. Tickets are available at Event Brite and they can also be purchased at the ticket booth in front of the theater.